Headley Ringcraft Association

Members Gallery

Rottweiler - Working Group

'With fewer Clubs offering ringcraft training, I was pleased to find a local ringcraft at Headley. It has helped me get my dogs ready from young pups to compete and win at the highest level'.

Australian Terriers - Terrier Group

'When my local ringcraft closed, I stumbled on the Headley Association and have been delighted with the help and support. My dogs have achieved international success thanks to the great training they have enjoyed'.

Lagotto Romagnolo - Gundog Group

'Going to the world Dog Show in Milan to compete against the best of the Lagottas was quite special, especially as we were one of the few non Italian winners. Some say it was the lucky jacket, but I think the ringcraft had a lot to do with the showmanship needed to win at this level'.

Bernese Mountain - Working Group

'Friendly, experienced and informative ringcraft training Association whether you're a novice or experienced show world handler - the training classes have really helped my dogs prepare for show classes with successful show wins'.